Vision and Mission of the company



"To enhance the sustainability of mankind through novel plant products"



" To explore and formulate natural phytocomponents for the production of quality products "

Company GOALs

  • Generate Secondary Income to the farmer through adding value to agriculture and by-products and thereby improving the national Agricultural GDP.
  • Creating job opportunities in tier two and three cities.
  • Meeting the demand of various industries like Food, Beverages, Pharma, Textile Industries.
  • Indigenous Production, Reduction of Imports and Increasing the exports.
  • Smart and cost effective way to make the world a better place.
  • Converting the unexplored natural resources to sustainable solutions via technical approaches.
  • Bring a positive change in society and environment.
  • Improving the wellness and quality of life of every individual and in turn the planet by providing sustainable and reliable technology, products and processes.